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Business VOIP Savings Calculator - See How Much You Can Save

by Natalie Teinert | May 22, 2018

Based on our recent study, on average, Cloud PBX customers save over 50% compared to on-premises voice systems on their service alone (and even more when you consider their savings on hardware and maintenance expenses).

Our cost savings study looked at 19 businesses who were considering replacing their phone system and compared monthly phone service costs from their current provider against Cloud PBX. It then added how much they paid upfront for their phone systems. Findings from this cost savings study show that, on average, companies save over 50% on monthly phone service costs by moving to Cloud PBX. That number is even higher if you factor in hardware costs.

When you reduce your business phone services bill, the savings over time can quickly add up. Here's what we discovered:

  • Per-line service fees. On average, the businesses were paying monthly per-line service fees of $44.64, compared with Cloud PBX's monthly per-line service fee of $30.99
  • Carrier fees. On average, these businesses paid monthly carrier fees of $11.23 per line, compared with Cloud PBX's carrier fees of $1.50 per line
  • Local and long distance fees. Like with Cloud PBX, many of the providers covered in the analysis charge no per-line local or long distance fees - although a few charge, per line, as much as $14.75 for local service and $5.00 for long distance service

Can Cloud PBX really cut your bills by over 50%?

The findings of our study represent the average savings these businesses experienced when purchasing Cloud PBX. However, not all companies are created equal. So don't stop at averages. Use our savings calculator below to see how much you can save your business.

Finally convinced that a Cloud-based PBX system is the right solution to save your business money? Contact us today to make the switch!

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