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Give Us 30 Minutes, And Let Us Show You How To Eliminate System Slowness, Crashes, Viruses And A Host Of Other Annoying IT Problems

by Natalie Teinert | Jun 03, 2019

Are you experiencing chronic problems with your computer and phone systems that you just can't seem to resolve? Are you maintaining critical security updates for your IT systems? Are you confident that you could get you back up and running after a disaster?

It’s very common for businesses to be uncertain of the current level of support they’re getting, but they tolerate it simply because they don’t know who else to call, or they’re just too darn busy.

If I just described your situation, we want to give you a customized IT Optimization Plan for free that will reveal what’s REALLY going on in your computer network and show you the fastest and most efficient way to get your systems working the way they’re supposed to, saving you a great deal of time, aggravation and money. Briefly, here’s what I have in mind…

First, we want to perform our proprietary IT Systems Security And Performance Assessment on your computer network (one that’s taken us over 20 years to perfect). 

There’s no charge for this, and it only requires a 30- to 60-minute meeting with me and one of my top IT consultants. After doing this type of thing for almost 23 years, we’ve truly perfected a process for helping companies like yours to get their IT systems working the way they are supposed to.

After conducting this Free Assessment, we’ll be able to answer your top questions, such as:

  • Are your IT systems truly secured from hackers, viruses and rogue employees?
  • Are your backups configured properly to ensure that you could be back up and running again fast in a disaster? 
  • Are you unknowingly exposing your company to expensive fines and litigation under data-breach laws?
  • Could you utilize cheaper and more efficient cloud-computing technologies to lower IT costs and make it easier to work remotely?
  • Are your systems optimized for maximum speed and performance? (I can tell you, 99% of the computer networks we review are NOT.)

Once we have a clear picture of the state, health and performance of your current IT systems, we’ll then deliver a customized IT Optimization Plan that will show you how to eliminate every single nagging problem, enable you to work faster and easier and lower IT costs wherever possible.

 At The End Of This Assessment, We’re Confident One Of Two Things Will Happen:

You love the plan and decide to implement it on your own. If this is the case, we’ll wish you the best of luck and ask that you keep in touch with us to let us know how you’re doing.

You love the plan and ask to become our client so we can personally help you implement it ASAPIf that’s the case, we’ll knock it out of the park… and that’s a promise. 

So Why Would We Offer This For Free?

For one simple reason: 

It’s the fastest and easiest way for us to demonstrate the value we can deliver without any risk to you. Frankly, it’s how we get the happy clients you’ve seen all over our web site and have probably heard about before.

After all, if you like what you see and we show you how to solve a number of IT-related problems in your company, why wouldn’t you want to work with us? Of course, we will approach this with no expectations or heavy sales pressure of any kind. I don’t like pushy salespeople any more than you do — and we stand on the belief that providing extreme value in advance is the best way to showcase our services and win new business.

Free Network Assessment
Here’s How We Get Started

Step 1: Click here and sign up for our Network Assessment.

Step 2: Once we’ve received your submission, one of our IT Specialists will call you and set up a time for us to meet. 

The initial meeting will be between 30 and 60 minutes. This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you want and how to make it happen.

Step 3: After that initial meeting, we’ll prepare a customized IT Optimization Plan and a “Report Of Findings” that will reveal any vulnerabilities in your backups and security, as well as show you how to optimize your IT to increase everyone’s productivity in the fastest, most efficient way possible. This second meeting should be a real eye-opener for you.

If you see the value in engaging beyond that, great! We can talk about it at that time. And if you don’t want to become a client — that’s OK too. By the way, we’ve never had anyone feel like their time was wasted. EVER. That’s why we can make this offer. WE DELIVER

So, unless you are 100% happy with your current IT systems and absolutely confident that your network is secure, backed up properly and running at optimal levels, why wouldn’t you give this a try? Do it now and you’ll be glad you did.

Dedicated to your success,
David Arnold, President / CEO
David Arnold
President/CEO, DE Web Works
Phone: 361-575-7656

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