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5 Key Benefits You're Missing as a "Break-Fix" Account

by Natalie Teinert | May 18, 2021

Break Fix vs MSP

Effective June 1, 2021, our hourly rate for networking / computer repair service will be going up. We thought this would be a great time to point out the value between a "break fix" approach and our Managed IT Service Plans.

Break fix is an industry term that simply means you wait until something "breaks" and call a technician to " fix" the problem. This is a reactive approach in which you're paying for each engagement to resolve a problem instead of preventing them in the first place.

With a Managed IT Service Plan, you opt into a strategic proactive approach to your IT infrastructure and equipment in which we monitor and maintain your IT systems, focusing on preventing potential IT issues before they happen.

A Managed Service Plan can not only save you on time and money - but it gives you the peace of mind knowing we've got your IT covered. Check out the top five key benefits "break/fix" accounts are missing out on:

> Security & Protection

Managed Service Plan accounts include the following:

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance of Your Server, Network, & Workstations
  • Scheduled Server Maintenance
  • Firewall Maintenance and Updates
  • Cloud Backups
  • Antivirus, Anti-Malware, and Ransomware Protection
  • Managed Web & Email Protection
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Training
  • and more!

All for only low monthly rate!

> Reliability

Your business relies on technology. When you need IT help, you need a partner who can solve your problems quickly and in terms you understand. That’s where our Help Desk comes in. Get help in minutes—not days. When you call our Help Desk, you speak directly with a local technician, not someone at a phone bank reading from a script.

> Priority

Our Managed Service Plan customers get priority access to our technicians and staff. This includes faster remote & on-site emergency response times as well as discounted hourly rates for project fees engaged outside of Managed Services.

> Proactive Planning & Improvements

It’s hard to be proactive when your team is forced to spend their time chasing down immediate threats instead of working to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Keep your business ahead of these threats with 24/7 monitoring across your entire environment that continually evaluates your services and devices for warning signs and alerts us to solve the issue before it affects your bottom line.

Go even further to prevent business interruptions with proactive administration services that help your systems run more smoothly by preventing routine maintenance tasks like patching and defragmentation from piling up.

> Partnership

At D.E. Web Works - we aren't just your MSP, we're your proactive problem-solving partner. We will get to know you and your business in order to identify issues and uncover security risks to in turn devise solutions that address your specific needs and deliver long-term results that align with your business goals and objectives.

Taking a more strategic approach to your IT environment will increase productivity and efficiency and keep you focused on your business's bottom line. You can focus on providing the best service to your customers, and let us worry about the IT.

Managed IT Services - Starting as low as $50 per month 
David Arnold, President / CEO
David Arnold
President/CEO, D.E. Web Works
Phone: 361.575.7656

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