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Email Setup Guides

Having trouble setting up your email accounts on your computer or a new mobile device? We have created Email Setup Guides for different operating systems. Find the guide that matches your computer or mobile device's operating system and review the instructions

If you want to be able to check your e-mail from several locations, without downloading the messages from the mail server, then choose IMAP.  Note that choosing IMAP will cause you to use more space on the e-mail server and may incur additional monthly fees.

If you want to use Outlook and download the messages to your local machine, then choose POP3.


This option tells Outlook to sync with the server. It will download the mail headers and folder maps to your local computer, but it also leaves the actual mail on the e-mail server.

When you send email or create folders everything is synced on the server.  By choosing IMAP all of your mail is always on the server and on your computer.  This is very convenient if you also need to access your email from our web mail service, or if you want to sync your mail to another computer or your mobile device (phone etc).


This option tells Outlook to download only the e-mail in your inbox. Sent mail, deleted items, spam, and any personally created folders are not downloaded from the mail server. POP3 downloads the complete e-mail message to local computer and it is no longer available on the e-mail server to be accessed via web mail.

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